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Caroline Wilson is a writer and creative producer who loves storytelling, film and television. She first came to the Film London network in 2018 and has engaged in many opportunities and met so many individuals working across different departments in film. Since 2017, she has started her own film platform UNDR LNDN where they host events, screen films and support local young filmmakers.

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The Social Cinema

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The Social Cinema London CIC is a community-based film club. We experiment with a broad idea of projection and animation, with the aim of expanding the idea of cinema and the experience around film. We use technology to bring an element of play to our screenings. In the summer we run an open-air cinema in Higham Hill Park (E17) with screenings for children and adults alike. We want to be truly accessible and we offer all tickets to our events following a pay-what-you-can-afford model.


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RADIANT CIRCUS has been helping Londoners discover great things to do in the dark since 2017. What started as their founder and barker-in-chief’s personal film blog rapidly became the most comprehensive listings guide to what’s on London’s independent and alternative cinema scene.

Not Another Film Club

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Not Another Film Club is a group of 4 film programmers looking to create a community for film lovers to connect and discover, through a shared passion for cinema. They focus on rediscovering and revaluating films either from the past or international cinema that may be overlooked.

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Kabecca Films

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Katie and Rebecca Dale-Everett are the producers and creatives behind Kabecca Films, a platform from which they generate thought-provoking short films and outreach projects that explore film and dance as both a choreographic medium and tool to creatively share other people’s experiences.

Big Tent Films

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Big Tent is an award-winning independent film production company and collective based in London, founded in 2018 by young filmmakers Ethan Ross & Emmanuel Li. Big Tent's focus branches out from short films, encouraging other young filmmakers and striving for fresh and inventive ways to express our creative identities.