We Are Parable: Raising Voices

Event date

We Are Parable present a collection of exceptional short films from emerging and established Black British filmmakers.

Saturday 19 September, from 7pm


Third Act, Directed by Leon Mayne

Layered in hidden messages, the 'Third Act' begins with three friends as they embark on a new venture in podcasting. A humble setting for conversation quickly yields tension-filled exchanges between the friends, opening a sequence of events that reveal secrets in their respective relationships.

25 mins 

Spar, Directed by Anthony Vander

Spar tells the story of Isabel, an amateur boxer, who is training for the day in a London gym while her usual facility is under construction. During her training Isabel struggles to find sparring. From the cardio to the sprints, Spar encapsulates the day to day routine of a fighter.

15 mins

I Am Pilate, Directed by Femi Oyeniran

A journalist is sent to the home of former district governor, but his routine obituary fact check reveals an extraordinary secret.

Starring Shaun Scott (The Kingsman, The Bill), with his younger self played by Jamie Kristian. Supporting performances from Jazz Lintott (The Intent), Letitia Hector (Venus vs. Mars, Famalam) and Kayode Akinyemi and special appearance from Tomisin Adepeju.

11 mins

Ojumo Ti mo,  Directed by Simisolaoluwa Akande

After the loss of their father, a family finally begins to find closure, through phone conversations spanning 3 months.

16 mins

Deleted, Directed by Stephan Pierre Mitchell

A documentary that follows a man, a few hours before he becomes homeless.

19 Mins