Artist Programme

Event date

Event date and time: 1 & 2 October
Location: Online and Leytonstone Library
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Filmmaker and Photographer Jake Green is screening two short films:

The Renoir (2014) by Jake Green & Simon Poon Tip (U)
A quiet observation of The Renoir cinema prior to it’s refurbishment and modernisation.
Situated within the Grade II listed Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury it is a beautiful document of independent film in the capital.

The Celestials (2015) by Jake Green (U)
Photographer and film maker Jake Green celebrates the serene internal faith of the films enigmatic subject Samuel Akinyemi. A slow and intriguing visual document of faith and grace, while Samuel explains the moment of his religious awakening. This film documents local church The Celestial Church of Christ in Leytonstone as part of the West African religious diaspora in London. 

Choreographer and artist Rebecca Evans (Pell Ensemble) and visual artist Mira Loew collaborated with members of the public to create ‘virtual duets’ as part of LBWF Virtual Culture Programme. A selection of videos, writing and sound scores will be shared as a 360 projection mapped experience in Leytonstone Library theatre.  Funny, intimate and powerful, these films are a beautiful collection of the individual and shared journeys taken over 2020. 

Artist and Filmmaker Paul Greenleaf is screening ‘I Will Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine’  (PG)

A short film exploring the haunting legacy of the A12 (M11 link) road that cuts through Leytonstone. In 1994 the final evictions took place in Claremont Road ending a significant road protest campaign. Following the demolition of over 300 houses the road opened to traffic in 1999. Interweaving shreds of personal and collective histories the film forms an alternative narrative constructed from archive footage and photos merged with fresh audio and video material. Fragments of decaying radio transmissions featuring testimonies from former residents fuse with electromagnetic field recordings and snippets from Konstantin Raudive's 'Voices of the Dead’. Taking its name from the protestors’ slogan on the final house to be demolished and the final words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, 'I Will Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine' summons spectral voices and residual energy from the landscape in an attempt to confront the motorway.