We Found Love in the 80's

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Acclaimed artist Dawinder Bansal is pairing up with musician Martyn Ware - founder of The Human League and Heaven 17 - to celebrate couples who found love in the 1980s. 

They are looking for couples to share their stories of falling in love in the 1980s and explore how they overcame obstacles to be together. At a time when romance and relationships are often presented as being as simple as a right or left swipe on a dating app, couples are being invited to share their love stories and show what it takes to find each other and stay together.

The stories will be collected together to build an online archive via Instagram and a selection of submissions will be featured in a short film by Dawinder Bansal with an accompanying soundscape created by 80s legend Martyn Ware.

Whether it was a school romance or a meeting on a production line, introductions by parents or a relationship that went beyond community boundaries, a slowly evolving friendship or love at first sight, We Found Love In The 80s! wants to hear your stories of the 1980s and how you fought to be together.

Bansal and Ware will in particular be hoping to find couples who overcame obstacles - whether that be racism, homophobia or class prejudice - to build their lives together. Want to learn more or take part?

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We Found Love in the 80s is co-commissioned by London Borough of Waltham Forest, Barbican and Future Arts Centres, supported by Arts Council England to mark The National Lottery’s 25th birthday.