Forest Film Club Short Film Thursdays

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Forest Film Club brings you a special bumper edition of Short Film Thursdays, with sixteen amazing short films, followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.

Films will be available here for 48hrs from 8pm Tuesday 22nd September until 8pm Thursday 24th September. The filmmaker’s Q&A will then be streamed onto the Leytonstone Loves Film YouTube channel at 8pm

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JELLY CARS – Lee Caller | 3
A VW Beetle must find the last parking space in the city.

PANIC ATTACK – Eileen O'Meara | 3
Do you ever wonder "did I leave the coffee on?" or "am I pregnant with a devil-baby?” This hand-drawn animation explores anxiety, obsession, and one woman’s slippery hold on reality. 

One day, Mingu and Eunjung met each other at a playground. They played for a while and Eunjung suggested a treasure hunt game to Mingu. They finally find something in a mountain.

FINN’S LAW – Holly McClellan | 11
The true stories of Police Dog's fighting for their lives protecting the community! Discover what Finn's Law is doing to protect Police Dog's everyday!

RINGO ROCKET STAR – Rene Nuijens | 10
‘RINGO ROCKET STAR and his song for Yuri Gagarin' is a dry tragic musical comedy (short) film about a gipsy guy who does think he can be famous by writing a song for the first man in the space 'YURI GAGARIN'...

YES, VIRGINIA – Harvey Puttock | 10
Granting everyone else's wishes has always been second nature to Virginia, but no matter how hard she tries there are certain things that not even wishes can fix.

CHASING STARS – Laura Aldofredi | 2
The magic journey of a young girl, who’s looking for her home and own place in the world. 

BAMBILAND – Danilo Stanimirović | 22
Strahinja has just finished acting school and he works as a clown in a kid’s playhouse. Bambiland is a big amusement park in his home town which was open when he was a child. Now, it is an abandoned, creepy place and as such it represents a metaphor for Strahinja’s generation in Serbia.

OFFCUT – Petroc Menuhin | 2
An offcut wood shaving learns the power of music.

FLAME – Cherelle Owusu | 2
Lightning strikes in the desert, and Flame is born. Alone and scared, she soon realises that she is in trouble, as the same storm that brought her to life is a threat to her survival.

THE DEAL – Syd Heather | 5
Tired of living sheltered 9-5 lives, Fran, Lou and Derek are looking to get high. However, when their plan comes together without a hitch, in their adrenaline-starved state they hatch a plan to swindle the dealer of his drugs and money.

OUR SONG – Sophie Fazio | 6
"When words fail, music speaks" - Hans Christian Andersen. Our Song demonstrates the power of music to transport us to a moment in time, and in contrast feel the loneliness and pain of silence.

DISMISSED – Aysha Scott | 13
A compassionate catholic teacher panics when she finds a suicide note in her classroom and attempts to discover the vulnerable pupil.

GONE – Joan Bentosela | 13
A bickering family on a road trip stops at a gas station. Murielle, the mother, insists on having the car washed.

SENTIENCE – Guillaume Bierry | 13
An old lady and a robot, both frustrated of their physical conditions, choose to switch their bodies.

DALSTONIAN – Will Webb | 13
Years after they last saw each other, two old friends spend a long weekend together, each secretly hoping to spark a relationship.

Films will be available for 48hrs from 8pm on Tuesday 22 September until 8pm on Thursday 24 September.

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Programmed by Forest Film Club.