We Are Parable Film Studio

Submitted by natalieomari on Thu, 07/30/2020 - 11:58

We Are Parable present "The Film Studio", a series of conversations with film industry experts designed to explore the various careers available in film, from journalism, marketing, diversity and inclusion to PR. You can watch the conversations on the event pages below or click through to Youtube.

Each session will premiere promptly at 7pm on the dates listed.

Speakers include:

Akua Gyamfi, Founder of The British Blacklist and Co-founder of S.O.U.L Fest (16th September)

Iyare Igiehon, Founder of S.O.U.L Celebrate Connect and Co-founder of  S.O.U.L Fest (23rd September)

Zakiya Bale, Film Academy and Education Project Officer, British Film Institute (30th September)

Grace Barber-Plentie, Marketing Coordinator, Distribution & Cultural Campaigns and co-founder of the Reel Good Film Club (7th October)

Ruby Aryiku, Co-founder/Head of PR at Vamp UK (14th October)

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