Pell Ensemble

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Choreographer Rebecca Evans and Photographer Mira Loew while having their own long-established practices have been making and working together as Pell Ensemble over the last three years in the UK and internationally. Both artists enjoy working with the body in real life and digitally through live performance, photography, video and AR environments.

In 2019 Pell Ensemble was commissioned by Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture to create Leytonstone TrailblazARs. A creative digital adventure that brought to life the history of Leytonstone High Road, through the eyes of young local residents.  The experience offered the chance to get to know this corner of the city better through a walking AR app that included dance, music and stories created and told by the people that lived there. The app was made by students from Leytonstone’s very own Connaught School for Girls in collaboration with digital dance company Pell Ensemble and computing educator U Can Too. Students co-created the performance, stories and music, and developed the app using Augmented Reality app Blippar; creating a way to see the high street in a new light.

This was shown as part of Leytonstone Loves Film in 2019.   

About Rebecca Evans
As Choreographer and Artistic Director of Pell Ensemble since 2012 Rebecca has developed and delivered digital dance performance, installations and engagement work in the UK and abroad. Recently Rebecca was one of 10 choreographers selected by Studio Wayne McGregor to take part in Questlab Network, a nationally significant program developing cross-disciplinary digital and dance practices. Her practice has included combining movement with live coding, generative projection, 360 sound, walking apps and interactive performance. She was on The BENCH 2015/2016 and has been commissioned by 2Faced Dance, Wilton’s Strike, Spontaneous Combustion Festival, The Vaults, Athens Digital Arts Festival and London Borough of Culture.

Rebecca's interests are two-fold, in her professional work to examine the shift in digital culture and its effect on our souls and society. Also how engagement work can empower the next generation with knowledge to shape the digital future they would like to see. While Rebecca is not a coder she looks at creative ways to expand codes applications in collaboration with other artists. The experience of the body for the audience and performer remain central to her work while she also looks to the possibilities of digital to create connection, intimacy and deeper engagement.

About Mira Loew
Mira Loew is a visual artist, photographer and sometimes choreographer. Her work focuses on how spaces are inhabited, claimed, measured, negotiated and experienced through and with the body.

A curious investigative gaze studies bodies and their relationship to their surroundings, through posing them in a seemingly endless series of rooms and carefully arranged settings, in ever-changing configurations. Her body of work explores the relationship between human beauty, fragility and mortality. Originally trained in photography and videography she has developed a strong body-based practice, including dance and choreography for video and photographic works. She also has a well established creative writing practice, often collaboratively developing performative texts for video-enhanced live performances and video essays. She has been commissioned to create works by institutions such as Künstlerhaus (Vienna, 2017), Centre for Contemporary Photography (Melbourne 2018), Museum of Photography (Hungary), Archade Gallery, (Munich, 2019). She also is a regular visiting lecturer at Middlesex University, London.

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